As a new year rolls in Student Central Network welcomes you. This year we are focused on all the things that matter. Student Central Network is headquartered in South DeKalb County, GA and our mission has shifted to focus on those students and individuals in this area. However, we will share relevant resources and information for students everywhere. Furthermore, let's define what the term 'student' means. A student is a person willing to learn, not just those in college, but all of us, regardless of age or nationality. We should always keep our minds open to learning and growing.

We aspire to grow our community with like-minded individuals, such as yourself. As well, I'm sure there are many of you that have experiences to share that may be inspirational to someone else. You are encouraged to be a part of our online community to uplift yourself and others. Our mission is to Connect, Inform and Inspire and we're hoping you choose to be a part of our movement. Therefore, if you are a student, please join us and share your experiences, and/or if not a student, come share your wisdom with those that are in need. Either way, we welcome you to a new experience and a new year. So... encourage your kids, loved ones and friends to be a part of a significant movement. #LetsGetEducated!
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