Many of us go through life without a specific purpose. Generally, not quite happy with our jobs and/or career and not quite certain what to do that will be satisfying and fulfilling, while bringing in the big bucks. My suggestion is to dig deep and find that one thing that you enjoy but you're afraid to pursue. We all desire the things that we feel we can't have. For instance, we want the big house, fancy car and the 7 figure bank account. We dream of those things and wait to hit the lottery. Why do we sell ourselves short? Why do we not believe enough in ourselves to pursue our purpose?

Purpose defined: "The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists".

What if we take a moment to evaluate what we can do that makes us feel that we have purpose? What if we remove the fear of achieving our goals and dreams? What if we took a leap of faith in the direction that we want to go, but are afraid to venture? If we allow ourselves to take a chance on what we feel gives us purpose and direct our time and energy into said purpose we just may succeed.

Keep in mind that our current circumstances may only be temporary and that the road currently travelled is not the road meant for us. Sometimes our journey requires that we shift and change direction. Sometimes we may need to take the road less travelled to fulfill our unique purpose. Take a moment today to evaluate where you are in your life. Be honest with yourself. Are you happy? Is your job or career fulfilling? Are your relationships fulfilling? If the answer to these questions is 'No', then a leap of faith is certainly in your future. CHANGE YOUR LIFE -- PURSUE YOUR PURPOSE!

~ Author: Helen R. Ingram
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